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Breast Cancer

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Accuracy of FNA Versus CNB of Abnormal Axillary Lymph Nodes in Setting of Invasive Breast Cancer

To compare accuracy of ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (FNA) to core needle biopsy (CNB) of ultrasound detected abnormal axillary lymph nodes in patients with newly diagnosed invasive breast cancer or suspected invasive breast cancer. Hypothesis: FNA and CNB have equivalent diagnostic accuracies In order to prove our hypothesis, we will perform FNA and CNB on the same lymph node in each consented patient. The two samples will be evaluated separately by different pathologists blinded to the material in the other sample. The results of the biopsies will be compared to the gold standard (lymph node excision).

Breast Cancer

Study Design
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Estimated enrollment:

140 participant

Actual study start date:

February 20, 2014

Eligibility Criteria
Ages eligible for study:

18 - 999

Sexes eligible for study:


Arms and Intervention
  • FNA and Core biopsy

Inclusion criteria
  • recent or suspected diagnosis of invasive breast cancer with abnormal ipsilateral axillary lymph node

  • able to provide informed consent

Exclusion criteria
  • lymph node not amenable to core biopsy

  • patient is unlikely to undergo lymph node excision (i.e. elderly patient with co-morbidities)

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Trial Sponsor

University of Utah

Study Location (2)

Huntsman Cancer Hospital

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Huntsman Cancer Hospital

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


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